The name change of certain NUVIA France entities is now effective

The name change of certain NUVIA France entities is now effective.

In 2008, after our first and major development in the United Kingdom, our group acquired an international dimension which required the creation of a worldwide brand to increase our activities in the nuclear field.
Hence was born the name NUVIA.

Nowadays, our 2700 employees in 11 countries, work on all types of nuclear facilities, in many fields of activities bringing support to our clients throughout the life cycle of their facilities. Our services range: from construction to decommissioning, including maintenance. Our teams of specialists guarantee a level of excellence with a mastery of safety and security.

In France, NUVIA comprises several companies which operate under different names with complementary businesses. This organization is the result of our growth and our history but it may seem sometimes complex

In order to increase our visibility and continue this development dynamics, we have decided to extend NUVIA name to certain entities:

ESSOR becomes         NUVIA Support
NTS becomes                NUVIA Structure
SALVAREM becomes         NUVIA Process
VRACO and MECATISS are grouped under the same banner « NUVIA Protection »

Millennium, IPRS and IFCEN keep their name as they carry-out cross-functional activities.

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