High-level experience and expertise in all aspects of nuclear engineering


MILLENNIUM offers its expertise in design projects for nuclear facilities and components, using tools developed by our in-house design team and expert R&D unit.

Modelling and scientific calculations:
MILLENIUM’s teams of engineers and physics experts have developed a comprehensive offer for nuclear and non-nuclear scientific calculations.

Statutory analysis and inspections:
MILLENNIUM provides assistance to clients. Our teams of engineers specialise in nuclear safety studies, security, the environment, crisis management and nuclear chemistry.


Expert assessments:
Millennium's experience in our core business area and active participation in major international conferences has enabled us put together a group of experts who can analyse any complex situation at any phase of facility or component life.

Specialised training services:
Millennium draws on its extensive experience in the nuclear field to offer a wide range of off-the-shelf or bespoke training programmes for various audiences (managers, operators, etc.).
The training services offered by Millennium are part of the overall Nuvia training offer.

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