Design: unique expertise in nuclear facility and component design projects

Millennium offers its expertise in design projects for nuclear facilities and components, using tools developed by our in-house design team and expert R&D unit.

Design of nuclear ventilation systems:
• Air-handling systems and balancing
• Filter systems
• Functional analysis of control systems (fire, contamination, etc.)

Layout of process equipment:
• Gloveboxes
• Filters
• Shielded cells

Mechanical design:
• Transportation and storage containers
• Welded equipment
• Lifting and handling systems

Design and Project Management for hazardous materials transportation packages:
• Design and supervision of test model production
• Qualification and testing on qualified test floor slabs
• In-works production supervision, on-site acceptance procedures

Decommissioning studies:
• Definition of dismantling methods and tooling selection
• Cost assessment and optimisation
• Choice of decommissioning sequences
• Design of nuclear measurement stations
• Waste management and encapsulation

Assistance to Project Owners and Project Managers:
• Design engineering studies
• Risk management
• Radioactive materials management
• Compilation of Tender Files

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