Statutory analysis and inspections: teams of engineers specialising in nuclear safety studies, security, the environment, crisis management and nuclear chemistry

MILLENNIUM provides assistance to clients throughout the nuclear facility lifecycle.

Nuclear safety for facilities:
• Safety analyses and compilation of safety analysis reports
• Assistance and consultancy in design and operation
• Expert assessment and audits of containment, criticality and radiation protection provisions

Nuclear safety for transportation of radioactive substances:
• Compilation and updating of safety analysis reports
• Criticality, radiation protection and radiolysis studies
• Certification and accreditation applications

Industrial safety:
• Risk analysis: Preliminary risk analysis, FMECA, HAZOP
• Hazard studies and impact studies
• Accident scenarios

Occupational safety:
• Occupational risk analysis
• Occupational health and safety analysis
• ATEX diagnostics and zoning

• Statutory site application files: water intake and discharge permits, general presentation of facility safety, on-site emergency plan
• Environmental studies
• Release scenario studies
• Nuclear facility licensing applications

Crisis management:
• Organisation of crisis cells
• Assessment of proposals and scenarios
• Participation in crisis drills

Nuclear chemistry:
• Analytical chemistry (studies and on-site work)
• Radiochemistry  
• Chemistry of waste processing

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